To those who are not aware of Rixty, it is an alternative payment method that allows users whether local or international to buy cash and coins for hundreds of different online games, virtual worlds and all types of digital content.

Most franchises that you purchase coins of are Roblox, Counter-Strike, RIFT, and dozens of sites like gWallet.

Unfortunately, you must purchase Rixty prepaid cards that contain the same value of the credits. To save the day, Rixty code generator offers you free Rixty codes that you can redeem online.

What is the Rixty code?

Rixty code is nothing but the pre-paid amount of card. You can use this card to top-up your Rixty account balance.

Purchasing the card on online retailers is effortless.

Many parents don’t want to share their credit card details with teenagers because they don’t know about the security and laws at this age. Therefore, Rixty implemented this pre-paid technique.

You can purchase any games and other resources using this card.

What is the Rixty code generator?

Rixty code generator is a web-based application which allows you to create a unique free Rixty code. You can generate unlimited Rixty codes using this generator, but as of now we only allow to produce just one code at a time.

You don’t have to worry about the time taking surveys and human verification. Just follow some instructions and click on the Generate Now button to get the free Rixty code.

How Rixty code generator works?

Our generator uses an algorithm that processes all the utilized Rixty vouchers & gift card codes that we scrape off the cloud.

This way, our generator replicates a similar Rixty gift card code that is entirely new and contains some value.

Free Rixty Codes List

List of free Rixty codes generated using Rixty code generator. You can create more codes using the generator located above.
Sr. NoFree Rixty Card CodeValueStatus
1Xnhyu5shdk8bkj$50Already Used
2Xxsqncjmu1twj8$50Activate Now
3X14nden632hpb3$15Activate Now
4Xwqpehmqp15lrc$35Already Used
5Xlfhlusnbjp7wv$40Already Used
6Xbg21ntd9u7e27$45Activate Now
7Xlr428xvkl35gg$50Activate Now
8Xg4gp65pq8gt47$55Already Used
9X2qjfedrfat8fg$60Already Used
10Xj2psj4nak5gj9$65Activate Now
11X78yx84327lc66$70Already Used
12Xs1c6xlkhk1wjd$10Activate Now
13X5esm7nrr8qacu$20Activate Now
14Xndbs3dsv5lx5s$35Already Used
15Xrc5hh8p7f494u$40Already Used
16X57vdbmrjxxxtd$45Activate Now
17Xny8rsmm613b33$50Activate Now
18Xdgtq8q2l3frs4$55Already Used
19Xn2nk8td9mb6av$60Activate Now
20Xhhyn4vdt8tgpj$65Already Used
21X2931amcr7g9fe$70Already Used
22Xbr5b3mkvv8437$10Activate Now
23Xxsuvuedf4bt9e$20Already Used
24X66faxpmkygxlc$30Activate Now
25Xtyu3b8j84gtj1$40Activate Now
26Xgjrw7pp5mch3r$50Already Used
27Xqrbfytlqbq1s6$60Activate Now
28X2ssmrl7bduhq2$5Already Used
29Xyya1qlj9g3nfj$15Already Used
30Xfashnwdl9dx8a$20Activate Now
31Xl2bgpp9fjqytx$30Activate Now
32Xg7e161dv245gd$50Already Used
33Xwejq267pwmmef$20Already Used
34Xwv8tf88n82dp8$30Activate Now
35Xdjcqscu7xvu1b$40Activate Now
36Xr4xvyb6ha69h3$50Already Used
37X4u6bktlvrrnff$60Already Used
38Xx943rmysa2e2e$5Activate Now
39Xuh8tx3ubtjpmu$15Already Used
40X7xkt9nq51htlr$20Activate Now
41Xukwg2cesuld9d$30Activate Now
42Xgp9j4p9489rf5$50Already Used
43Xb6pj6uf2g358f$15Already Used
44Xg71xwa5v49nma$20Activate Now
45Xwaulbvgr5lf3w$25Activate Now
46Xg6p191us3sbyx$30Already Used
47Xgwa8qsnbqjxtq$35Activate Now
48Xf3bey2rbxgut6$40Already Used
49Xxpgnh9fqxfrh5$20Activate Now
50Xqvqmu49689ntk$30Already Used
51X3h98dhj9uylr8$50Activate Now
52Xw897tt4m3jtfh$15Already Used

How to generate free Rixty codes using Rixty code generator?

To get yourself some free Rixty cards that you can use to purchase other in-game currency, follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Go to the Rixty Code Generator.

Step 2 – Select your Device and Country.

Step 3 – Now, click on the Generate Now button to get some free Rixty codes using the Rixty code generator.

Step 4 – The generator may a take a little time to generate you a unique Rixty prepaid code that can be used to get free Rixty credits.

Step 5 – Once the code is generated, you can redeem it on the Rixty website.

How to redeem Rixty codes?

You can Rixty as the form of payment whenever you wish to purchase in-game currency on different websites. To redeem the Rixty credits & vouchers, follow the steps:

Step 1 – Go to https://www.rixty.com/code/

Step 2 – Once you tap on the Redeem Code button, the website displays a popup where you need to sign in.

Step 3 – Sign up on the website and verify your email through the link. However, if you already have a Rixty account, you can only sign in using your existing username and password.

Step 4 – Once you have completed the sign-up process, you need to enter the unique code that you generated from our website.

Step 5 – Click on the Redeem button again and wait for the website to verify your voucher code.

Step 6 – Now you will need to do! You can now purchase other game currencies using your Rixty Balance.



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